Karma Sone-Polycore

Love the look of concrete countertops?

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Don’t have the time or money for poured concrete?

Well we have a great alternative!

Polycor’s Karma Stone is concrete that comes in slab form.

What that means for you is that instead of having to deal with the mess of poured concrete you can come to us and pick out a slab that we will cut and fabricate for your countertops.

But can you stain it or do you just get pick from different shades of grey?

You can absolutely stain it just like you would any other concrete.

Karma Stone comes in three standard shades or you can pick from one of their stains that come in everywhere from a light beige to a dark purple.soho grey big

The cool thing about being able to stain the slabs is you can use stencils and stain design or even logos directly into the countertop.

Karma Stone is also great for outdoor applications as they use none of the dyes associated with engineered stone which means they do not fade in the sun.

If you would like to see the slabs in person you can visit them over at Dorado Soapstone.


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