Granite Templates: Making Patterns for a Perfect Fit

Making Templates for a Granite Laundry Room Counter

Got Wonky Walls? You’re not alone. Most homes are a little (or a lot) out of square on the inside walls. What this means is that if you put a perfect square into a corner, like the corner where a countertop goes, it’s not going to fit perfectly. Maybe there is a little gap at […]

Makeshift Kitchen For Your Kitchen Remodel: Getting Ready for Granite

Makeshift kitchen with countertop appliances

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Some kitchen remodels are small. Some kitchen remodels are big. What is yours? Kitchen remodels, from easiest to hardest: Replacing the old kitchen countertops with granite or quartz Re-arranging a few cabinets (or adding some), then installing new granite or quartz countertops and backsplash Installing new cabinets, countertops and backsplash Moving walls, […]

Granite Countertop Height for Slide-in Range: Getting Ready for Granite

matching slide-in range height to granite counters

Want Your Slide-in Range to Fit with Your Granite Counters? We do, too! Here is how to make sure your slide-in range fits: Get your hands on the installation manual, and make sure the counters will end up at the same height as the slide-in range. Easy peasy! Or, we hope that will be the […]

Undermount Sinks in Granite Countertops

Curved apron-front undermount sink in a granite kitchen countertop

Confused by the Term “Undermount Sinks”? Here are some examples of undermount sinks installed under granite counters. You can see that the opening must be perfectly cut for the size and shape of the sink. Also, the edge is polished, just like the top of the counter. Since 3cm granite (the typical thickness found in […]

Granite Samples: Can You Have Some? Getting Ready for Granite Series

Granite samples at Granite Fabricator Toluca Granite

Granite Samples are Great for Shopping. So, you’re getting new granite counters. You take a few little granite samples home. You put the samples on your cabinets and pick one. Sounds perfect, right? Well, maybe. It sounds perfect until your counters are installed and they look nothing like the little sample you selected. Here is […]

Austin Granite Yard Tours: Shenoy on 183 – The Granite Biz Series

Marble slabs Shenoy Granite and Marble Austin TX

Want A Big Stone Selection? Add Shenoy Granites and Marble (SGM) to your list when you go look at granite slabs. If you remember from another recent article, Toluca Granite (that’s us) is a granite fabricator. We turn stone into custom counters, including the marble or granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. We are […]

Austin Granite Yard Tours: Young Stone on Rutland – The Granite Biz Series

Louise Blue Granite Austin Texas

This yard has closed. Picking Stone for Your Custom Counters? We can turn fabulous stone into fabulous counters, but first you need to find the right material. And that means visiting one or more of the Austin Stone Yards to pick a slab, or two (or more). (You should also read Austin Granite Yards: What to Expect […]

Austin Granite Yards: What to Expect – Getting Ready for Granite

Austin Stone Yard Shenoy Granites SGM

Need to Pick Your Granite and Don’t Know What to Do? When you get new granite or marble counters, you get to pick the stone you want! Here are the basic steps: Talk to us about your plans for new counters and look at some of our samples in the showroom. Visit some Austin stone yards to […]

Fitting a Kitchen Faucet on a Granite Countertop: Getting Ready for Granite


Replacing Older Counters with a Granite Countertop? If your faucet is old, you might not be able to re-use it. Many older counters are thinner than the typical thickness of the granite installed in the Austin area. Most of the granite found in Austin is 3cm thick (3 centimeters, or about 1.18 inches). Many older […]

Leveling Cabinets for Granite Countertops: Getting Ready for Granite


Level Granite Needs Level Cabinets. Planning to have granite installed? If your cabinets are new, they should be level before your granite counters are installed. If your cabinets are old, they should be level before your granite counters are installed. Oh, goodness, that sounds almost the same! The reason is simple: you want your granite […]

Getting Ready For Granite: Accurate Granite Templating (Clear Your Counters)


Granite counters that fit require accurate measurements Measure twice, cut once.   That is true for granite countertops as well as a lot of other things. Before we cut your counters, we will measure them very carefully. Many counters also require a template so we have a pattern to use when we cut the granite […]