Neptune Bordeaux Granite: Awash with Movement and Color

nepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texas

Ahhhh, Neptune Bordeaux. Some granite slabs are evenly colored, some have tight little speckles. Others are dark and stormy. And then there is Neptune Bordeaux. This gorgeous granite goes KABOOM! With colors ranging from cream to brown, to graphite to salmon, this granite has got it goin’ on. The face of each slab has large, […]

Vintage Austin Kitchen Makeover: The One That Got Away


Want to See a Vintage Kitchen Makeover? So did we. This vintage kitchen is from a house built in the late 1950s in the Wooten area of Austin, Texas. We tried unsuccessfully to buy it, dashing our fantasies of remodeling this dated house. It’s the one that got away. And yes, we’re still talking about […]

Getting Ready For Granite: Accurate Granite Templating (Clear Your Counters)


Granite counters that fit require accurate measurements Measure twice, cut once.   That is true for granite countertops as well as a lot of other things. Before we cut your counters, we will measure them very carefully. Many counters also require a template so we have a pattern to use when we cut the granite […]

Getting Ready For Granite Counters: Check Your Shut-Off Valves


Got an Old House that needs New Granite Counters? Do you want to be without water for days? What you say? That’s crazy talk! Here is how it works: for your new granite counters to be installed, the old countertops have to come out. Whether we take them out, or someone else takes them out, the […]

Granite Can Go Around Corners!


Got a Wall or Post in Your Kitchen That Just Won’t Go Away? Sometimes a wall just has to stay – you know, the pesky load-bearing kind that your contractor says he or she can’t move. When that happens, your granite countertops can usually be cut to fit around the wall. Here is one quick […]

Granite Countertop Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box


Your Granite Kitchen Counters Don’t Have to Be Rectangles Most kitchen counters you see have straight edges, right? That doesn’t have to be true for your new granite countertops. If you can dream it, we can (probably) make it. Your granite countertop ideas can become your new kitchen counters – in about a week! Curved […]

Pinterest – Where You MUST go for Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

pinterest-kitchen-board with kitchen remodeling ideas

Ah, Social Media – Just when you thought Facebook was eating all of your time, Pinterest came along. It’s like nothing you’ve even seen – like one giant idea board with fabulous, and irrestitible photos “pinned” up on “boards”. Like a giant pin-board design wall in your office, studio or craft room. Only. Better. To […]

Cosmic Black Granite – Capturing The Best of the Slab


Found a Gorgeous Slab of Cosmic Black Granite? Cosmic Black granite often has large chunks of white and gold, spread across a shimmery black background. Whether or not it looks good depends on how well your granite fabricator (that would be us) can lay out your templates before cutting – bad joints can ruin the […]

We Caught a Granite Kitchen Island and it was THAT BIG!

Laying out a HUGE granite kitchen island in Austin, TX

How Big was that Kitchen Island, you ask? We have a funny story to share with you. Someone commented recently that she had a hard time figuring out if we did real granite, or just little pieces. After some confusion, we realized that the front page of our site was loaded with little tabletops and […]

The Granite Kitchen Island – Laminated-Edges For High-End Kitchens


We don’t use the word “laminate” in our shop Unless we’re talking about laminated edges for kitchen islands. Set aside your notions of “laminated” for a minute and bear with us while we talk about this. Laminated edges are frequently used to make cheaper granite edge profiles look more expensive. You’ve seen this – thin […]

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Ledge

Designer Kitchen with Typhoon Bordeaux Granite A gorgeous home in North Austin showcases Typhoon Bordeaux Granite in the high-end kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets, detailed trim work and a full wall of little tile surrounding a cathedral window combine gloriously in this gourmet kitchen. Photo Gallery of Typhoon Bordeaux in a Kitchen [nggallery id=24]

Absolute Black Granite in a Kitchen Remodel


The Absolute Black Granite Updates a 1980s Kitchen We recently had the privileged of working with a homeowner in Northwest Austin when they remodeled the kitchen in their 1980s home. The light wood cabinets were in great shape and the configuration of the kitchen suited the homeowners well. The addition of Absolute Black Granite brings […]

Masculine Kitchen in Allendale in Northwest Austin


Most of the homes in Allendale in Northwest Austin are older, and frequently we see photos of Allendale Re-Dos, or remodels. We very very surprised and fortunate, therefore, to have a chance to work with the builder of this high-end new home in Allendale, designed to the exacting specifications of the single male homeowner. The […]

Designer Kitchen: Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo Ornamental Granite in a Designer Kitchen

Giallo Ornamental – A Granite That Goes With Almost Everything Jan Mahaffey Blatchley of It’s Faux Real Interiors used Giallo Ornamental granite for the countertops in this remodeled kitchen in Austin, Texas. This lovely granite works very well with the small pieces of slate on the backsplash. The Giallo Ornamental also looks nice with the […]

Santa Cecilia Granite in a Fantastic Kitchen

Windsor Park Kitchen with Santa Cecilia Granite Counters

Santa Cecilia Granite – classic, complex, yet pairs elegantly with almost any decor. The colors in this granite play beautifully with the rich dark wood of the cabinetry in this classy kitchen. The flat polish edge lets the granite countertops sing for themselves. Toluca Granite fabricated and installed this kitchen within a few days of […]

Wild Wild West Granite Updates a de Keratry Kitchen

Wild Wild West Granite Kitchen

What do you do when you have a exceptionally well-built custom