Granite Countertops Spotlight – Yellow River Granite

Considering Yellow River Granite For Your Remodel?

Laying out the cuts for Yellow River Granite
We’ve had a lot of this stone come through our shop off North Lamar in Austin, Texas over the past few weeks.

The colors in this granite run the gamut – from creams and yellows, to gold, rust, grey and blue-grey. Some slabs have lovely movement in the blue-greys while others have large sections of rust and gold flecked with charcoal.

Yellow River is a chameleon, for sure.

Several of these photos show the corners of a kitchen island made from Yellow River Granite with a laminated edge. Yes – we can do fancy kitchen counters like this!

The photo is of our cutter – the guy that cuts the slabs. He has been with us for years and is a master at laying out the cuts to best line up the movement on granites like this that have a lot going on. Just look at the focus on his face – this is the kind of job where you measure THREE times, and cut once because if you miss the mark, you’ve ruined the slab.

Photos of Yellow River Granite

yellow-river-granite-4-2yellow-river-granite-3-2yellow-river-granite-5-2yellow-river-granite-7-2yellow-river-granite-6-2Yellow River Granite - Sophisticated Varietyyellow-river-granite-slab-austin-tx-2-2

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