Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite Kitchen

Like Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite?

White cabinets in an older kitchen in Austin

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with 4-inch granite backsplashes

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with 4-inch granite backsplashes

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with rectangular undermount sink
White Cabinets without countertopsTyphoon Bordeaux Rustic Kitchen IslandTyphoon Bordeuax Rustic Kitchen Island
Then you’re in good company.

This granite is HOT this season in the Austin granite market. All of the bordeaux granites have been super popular, but Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic (and regular Typhoon Bordeaux) is at the top of that list.

If you are considering Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic for your project, you should check out these photos. This is an older home in a funky area of Austin – you know, the areas where all of the houses have lots of character.

This stone looks best with minimal seams because the patterns don’t match well across the cuts.

You can see that this granite goes well with white cabinets. It also looks great with dark brown (espresso) cabinets. Depending on the slabs, it can also look fabulous with other cabinets colors – just make sure to take a door or a drawer shopping with you to the stone yards here in Austin, to make sure you like how they look together.

Another idea that might look good in your kitchen would be to use Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic for the island (in one giant piece), and put a dark, almost-solid stone on the surrounding countertops.

Images of Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite

Here is a collection of other photos taken of this stone when it was at the shop last week being fabricated into countertops.

The granite edge profile ┬áis called waterfall (also called half-bullnose). This edge helps keep water (and other liquids) from running around the edge of the granite and on to the faces of the cabinets below. The top edge is rounded, but the bottom edge is square – with just a little bit of softening so that it isn’t sharp.

You can see how each section of the 4-inch backsplash is dramatically different from the next one. Some show more gold, other sections are more green and others are mostly red and cream. This is part of what makes this granite so gorgeous – the colorful variation from one end of the slab to another.

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