Tan Brown Granite Remnant for a Master Bathroom Countertop

Old Bathroom? Old Countertops?

Austin has a LOT of homes built in the 1970s and 1980s.

And with that age home usually comes cultured marble countertops in the master bathroom. After 30 to 40 years of use, most look, um, less than beautiful.

Got one of those?

We can fix it for ya.

Tan Brown Remnant Granite

tan brown granite remnant master bathroom counter

We have a 3cm Tan Brown Granite remnant big enough for one looooong bathroom countertop, or two shorter ones. The remnant is 22 1/2-inches by 128-inches long. So, over 10 feet long, almost 11. 22 1/2-inches is the standard depth for bathroom vanity countertops (kitchen counters are usually 25 1/2-inches).

We can cut it into one or two counters, with two undermount sink holes (polished edges) for $650. Heck, we’ll even put in two porcelain sinks that we have here in the shop – oval or rectangular for that price. Heck, we’ll even come and template your counters, polish the edges with any of our standard edges (bevel, flat-polish, bullnose, pencil round) and install the counters anywhere in Austin for that price.

Heck, what a deal!tan brown granite master bathroom countertop

We have just ONE of these, so get it while the gettin’ is good. Send us a note with the contact form in the sidebar to put it on hold.

Master Bathroom Countertop Replacement Things You Need to Know

You should read the Getting Ready for Granite Series.

We don’t normally demo (take out) the old counters. If you really really really don’t want to get someone else to do it, we can give you a bid for that.

You’ll need to have your faucets on-site when we come to install the counters, to make sure the holes are the right size and in the right spots.

We will install the sinks – meaning attach them to the underside of the counter – but we don’t hook up the plumbing. You’ll need a plumber for that (or DIY skillz).

Got questions? Just ask.

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