Surf Green Granite Bathroom Countertop

Surf Green Granite countertopSurf Green Granite countertop

Want an Unsual Bathroom Countertop?

Check out this surf green granite. It has big, colorful chunks of green and salmon and some ivory as well.

The granite edge profile is a full bullnose, so it is rounded on the top at the bottom. The undermount sink is one we sell here at the shop – a simple, white oval that allows for maximum countertop space.

The curves in the surf green granite backsplash are an optical illusion – they’re actually straight and even. These are 4-inch backsplashes which is typical, although lately we’ve had clients asking for tallers ones, like 5-inches or even 6.

The cooler colors in this unusual granite go well with the dark brown cabinets for this bathroom remodel, and also work well with the grey-ish tone of the paint color on the wall.

I wish I had a photo of the original slab before it was cut up to share. As many times as I walked past it and ran my hand across the front (while murmurring “lovely!”), I never managed to have my big camera in hand.

Using Surf Green Granite in Your Home

Unusual and colorful granite like this one is usually the focal point of the room. The paint colors, cabinet colors and tile all need to complement the colors in the granite (complement, not compete with).

Many designers will wait to pick the final paint colors until after the granite has been installed. That way, different colors can be “auditioned” on the walls next to the actual granite.

After the granite is cut by your fabricator, a piece of it can be available for shopping. It can be hard to get an exact sample before the counters are fabricated since stone like surf green granite varies so much from slab to slab. Once the slab is cut, however, the fabricator can safely break off a piece for you.

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