Spotlight on Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite – The Perfect High-End Kitchen Island

You know those fancy magazines that show huge, gorgeous kitchen islands?

The kind where the outer counters in the kitchen are a different color of granite?

Those islands look fantastic in Typhoon Bordeaux.

This granite, like a lot of granite with a lot of movement, is highly variable from slab-to-slab, or from bundle-to-bundle. One bunch of slabs out of the quarry can look very different from the next slabs cut, so it is extra important to pick out the exact one you want, and lay out your granite kitchen island just the way YOU want it to look.

This stone has a creamy background with speckles of red, rust, gold and grey. Frequently, it has larger spots of gold and charcoal. You really have to hand-pick the slab that emphasizes the colors you like the most. It can go with almost any color of kitchen cabinets – from darker/warmer tones to lighter painted cabinets.

This stuff looks awesome with ogee laminated edges, too, like in the series of photos we posted earlier this week about Yellow River Granite.

The Big Granite Kitchen Island

This week we’re cutting a kitchen that is going in to a house in San Antonio, Texas. The kitchen island is HUGE, about 4-feet by 7-feet, from a single piece of Typhoon Bordeaux. I’ve been trying to get a good photo, but can find something high enough to climb on to get it all in focus.

So, here are some detailed photos, plus one of a small round Typhoon Bordeaux tabletop we have for sale. You can also check out the photos from another Typhoon Bordeaux kitchen we did a while back that used a ton of this gorgeous granite.

Images of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite


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