Santa Cecilia Granite Remnant For Sale in Austin, Texas

Santa Cecilia Goes With Everything

The base color in Santa Cecilia granite is usually a pale cream, sometimes lighter, sometimes a little darker, sometimes with a little more gold.

With brown, gold and red speckles, it is a traditional favorite for granite kitchen countertops and for granite bathroom vanity tops. It goes with almost any color of wood, and many painted and glazed cabinet finishes as well.

This remnant of Santa Cecilia is big enough for a 42-inch wide bathroom vanity top, including the overhang in the front and one or both sides.

Drop off your measurements and a 50% deposit ($87.50) at our shop off of North Lamar and we’ll cut it to fit, including a polished undermount sink hole for $175. Your new bathroom vanity top custom-made from Santa Cecilia granite will be ready for you to come back and get it in under a week.


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