Peacock Green Granite Kitchen | Round Rock Texas

Peacock Green Granite Tops New Kitchen Cabinets in Round Rock, Texas.

Peacock Green Granite Counter with Angled Edges

Peacock Green Granite Counter with Angled Edges

Are you considering updating a home with older cabinets and laminate countertops?

This home was a foreclosure in Round Rock, and was purchased as an investment property. The older kitchen cabinets were replaced with the nice spice-colored new ones, and new counters were installed. We worked with the client and his designer over a few months to make sure the counters were economical but still gorgeous.

Peacock Green is one of the least expensive granite colors, yet it looks a lot more expensive. Each bundle that we see come through the local stone yards looks considerably different than the other bundles. If you’re considering this color of granite for your own investment property or your own home, you will want to go and pick the exact slabs that will be turned into your countertops.

All of the slabs we’ve seen of Peacock Green granite are decidedly green. Some have big flecks of color, some have more gold in them, some have more black.

The granite edge profile on these counters is called “pencil round”. This edge is just a little bit curved on the top and the bottom (double pencil, actually), to just soften the edge a bit. This entire kitchen fit on a single large slab of Peacock Green.

It’s hard to see in the photo because of the bright light from the window, but the windowsill also has about a 10-inch deep piece of the same dark green Peacock Green granite.

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