Peacock Green Granite Kitchen Counters

An older Austin home gets an update with Peacock Green granite.

Peacock Green Granite kitchen

Peacock Green Granite kitchen

Peacock Green Granite Detail

Peacock Green Granite Detail

Have you admired some of the older homes in Austin, particularly those with super-convenient locations to downtown?

This Peacock Green granite counter was installed this week in a tiny kitchen in a tiny house built in 1940. The house is a little south of downtown, with great proximity to South Lamar and to the downtown area. As in, just minutes from each. Food! Music!

The original kitchen was gutted and has new cabinets in a light honey color. The cabinets flanking the huge drop-in sink were custom made to be shallower than typical kitchen cabinets. This was necessary because the doorways on each end of the kitchen meant that normal-depth cabinets (24-inches) wouldn’t fit.

You can see in the photo that the counter for the sink cabinet is deeper, and the counter was custom-cut to accomodate the different depths of the cabinets.

The other side of the kitchen has another small counter and a free-standing range. The total square footage was about 30 square feet, so we shopped hard for a small slab to keep the price on these countertops down.

All About Peacock Green Granite

Although the main photo shows counters that look almost-black, they are actually much more of a green. This granite has large flecks of gorgeous green floating in a super-dark green background. It also has some small flecks of gold.

The last photo doesn’t really do justice to Peacock Green granite. This slab was wedged between two other huge pieces, and the sun was really bright and reflecting off of the face of the slab.

On the pricing scale, Peacock Green is one of our favorites because it looks much more expensive than it actually is. It can carry an entire space just with the gorgeous colors in the stone. It’s one of those that lots of poeple tell us they just don’t get tired of, even years after is has been installed. It’s just that pretty.

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