New Venetian Gold Granite Ledge | Lakeway Texas

Need a ledge between two areas of your home?

New Venetian Gold granite ledge

This New Venetian Gold granite ledge was installed this week on a wall between the dining area and the family room in this lovely home near Lakeway, Texas.

The counter is 24-inches wide and 152-inches long (twelve feet and 8 inches long). It has a full-bullnose edge on the granite, which matches the kitchen in the home.

New Venetian Gold Granite

As you might have guessed by the name, New Venetian Gold granite has a luscious gold background. The other colors are browns, caramels, and darker flecks of brown and some garnet. The colors in this stone go very well with traditional-style furnishings.

You can also see how nicely this counter goes with the faux-finishing on the walls of the family room, and with the chocolate brown of the leather couches. It also goes very nicely with the medium-golden-brown of the wood for the built in cabinets.

The full bullnose edge is also a favorite for tradionally-styled homes. Only one seam was necessary – at the far end, closest to the wall. The stone was not long enough to cut the entire counter without a seam, so the seam was placed where it would be the least noticeable.

Supporting a Granite Ledge

The wall under this granite ledge was wider than a typical interior wall, and has a band of painted wooden trim underneath the granite. This trim serves both to give a nice finished look to the underside of the countertop, and to also give a wider area on which the granite rests.

No additional support was necessary to keep the granite in place and steady.

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