Neptune Bordeaux Granite: Awash with Movement and Color

Ahhhh, Neptune Bordeaux.

Some granite slabs are evenly colored, some have tight little speckles. Others are dark and stormy.

And then there is Neptune Bordeaux.

This gorgeous granite goes KABOOM! With colors ranging from cream to brown, to graphite to salmon, this granite has got it goin’ on. The face of each slab has large, complex patterns and movement, and one end of each slab is markedly different from the other.

We had 7 slabs arrive at the shop last week, destined for a kitchen, a bunch of bathrooms and a vacation home – all for the same client.

Now, those slabs have been cut to pieces, and are all over the place – on the dollys, the fab tables, the a-frames in the front. And walking by without snapping a few pictures was futile.

Images of Neptune Bordeaux Granite

So here they are – photos of Neptune Bordeaux Granite – showing the glorious coloration and movement of this natural stone:

nepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texas nepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texasnepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texasnepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texasnepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texas


  1. How would you compliment this beautiful granite with a backsplash, seems any stone clashes, any suggestions, what is on your project above as accents or other tile, i love the granite but stumped re complimentary decor

  2. Austin Granite Girls says:

    Hi Lucy! The Neptune Bordeaux in this article would look good with a pale travertine or tumbled stone backsplash . . . the kind that is not-quite-white, leans towards yellow and not-enhanced to deepen the color. In particular, I think it would look good with that kind of stone in a 3×6 inch subway pattern. Because the stone has quite a bit of salmon undertones, you might want to be careful not to pick a backsplash that pulls or, or emphasizes those colors.

    It would also look good with a dark, chocolate brown glass tile backsplash, also in a subway-tile pattern. Or even a combination of the two. If the backsplash is dark, you’ll want to be sure to have under-cabinet lighting, or that the cabinets are lighter and not a dark brown.

    If you pick this granite, we’d love to see what you come up with to coordinate!


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