Lady Dream Granite Remnant for Sale in Austin, Texas

An Unusual Green Granite

Lady Dream, or Ladies Dream Granite is a most unusually-colored granite. With green, coral and white running across the polished face, this granite is eye-catching as a table or in a bathroom.

If you’ve read a few pages on our site, you know we’ve been very busy this fall, and our granite remnants area is jam-packed with granite and marble remnants that need to go to a good home.

Lady Dream Granite for a Bathroom Vanity

This Lady Dream remnant is 38 1/2″ by 25″ – big enough for a 36-inch wide vanity top. We’ll polish up the front and sides and cut a polished-edge sink hole for $150.

Yes, you read that right $150. One-hunnert-fifty dollars even. What a deal!

Bring us your measurements and a $75 deposit, and you can come back and pick up your finished countertop or table top made from Lady Dream Granite in a week.


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