Harmony Bordeaux Granite Slab – Detailed Images

Slab of Harmony Bordeaux GraniteHarmony Bordeuax Granite for countertopsHarmony Bordeuax Granite for countertopsRed, rust and cream in a granite slabHarmony Bordeaux granite slab in Austin TexasDetail of Harmony Bordeaux Granite SlabDetail of Harmony Bordeaux Granite Slab

Considering Harmony Bordeaux Granite for your counters?

This gorgeous slab of Harmony Bordeaux granite was spotted at SGM this afternoon.

The colors in this stone are jaw-dropping. Reds, salmon, cream, coral and even some absolutely stunning little flecks of a deep yellow. The colors move across the face of the slab, with every section appearing different than the next one.

This would look great in one giant piece on a kitchen island, perhaps with the surrounding counters in an almost-solid color of granite, like Black Pearl or Antique Brown.

Harmony Bordeaux

SGM has a LOT of different bordeaux granites in this week. We spotted several bundles of the ever-popular Typhoon Bordeaux, and Neptune Bordeaux.

These are, of course, not-your-typical kitchen granite colors.  It can be a challenge to decorate a space around a knock-out slab of colorful granite. We’re seeing more and more designers rise to that challenge as more and more consumers want something a little different.

Or a lot different.

A granite like this one looks fabulous on off-white cabinets, perhaps with a subtle raw umber glaze.  Even better would be cabinets in a dark espresso finish (dark brown) for the island, with Harmony Bordeaux granite on top.

Check out the details on the close-up photos of this slab of stone.

If you are considering this for your own kitchen, you can go visit it at the stone yard (linked in at the top of this article). If you have a cabinet door or drawer that you can take a long for the ride, even better.  That way you can hold up the cabinet door against the slab and see if the colors in this granite go well with the color of the wood or the painted finish.

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