HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertops

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Laminated-Edge on HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz

Laminated-Edge on HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz

Laminated Edge on Quartz

Here is the same countertop, during fabrication. This is the side profile. Look how that seam disappears!

HanStone Quartz with Laminated Edge

HanStone Quartz with Laminated Edge (Built-Up Edge)

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertop

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertop on new Cherry Cabinets

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertop

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertop with 8-inch widespread faucet holes

HanStone Aurora Snow quartz looks great for homes that lean towards a modern, or mid-century modern style when fabricated with straight lines and clean edges.

The clean, crisp edges on these two Aurora Snow quartz countertops are a double-thickness of the material. A single thickness is 3cm (1 and 3/16 inches), so a double-thickness is 6cm (2 and 3/8 inches). That makes for a super-thick edge, also called a laminated edge, on these quartz countertops.

The over-all edge style is called flat-polish, which means just a wee bit of material is taken off at the top and bottom edges of the counters – in part for looks and in part to keep within the manufacturer’s fabrication specs (to keep the warranty intact).

Making the Seam Disappear on Aurora Snow Quartz Countertops

One major thing that makes-or-breaks a modern countertop styled like this is whether or not the seam between the layers of material is visible. The first time we did one of these gave us all sorts of headaches – the seam was obvious and the edges of the counters looked terrible. Totally not something we’d install in a client’s home.

But you can see from this series of photos that these edges rock. Or, er, I mean, our guy that put it together rocks, so the counters looked just super when he was done. You need a picky fabricator if you want something that looks as good as the pages out of magazines.

To make the seam disappear on countertops made from a quartz like HanStone Aurora Snow, we use a special glue that comes in a special dispenser and needs sepcial handling. It sets up fast, so the work has to be carefully planned, carefully positioned for speedy work and kept super clean. The final step is to polish the edge with water-cooled tools, to seamlessless blend the two layers of material together.

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Buffet

So, the bathroom counter is a typical length (just under 70-inches) for a double-sink bathroom vanity countertop.

The buffet, though, is MUCH longer – a full 150-inches from left to right. This countertop fit precisely between two walls, so there is no room for error on the measurements. Even less so with the laminated edge, because cutting-to-fit on-site isn’t a good option. For spaces like this, we make a template, and then make certain the countertops match the template.

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