Getting Ready For Granite: Accurate Granite Templating (Clear Your Counters)

Granite counters that fit require accurate measurements

Measure twice, cut once.  

That is true for granite countertops as well as a lot of other things.

Before we cut your counters, we will measure them very carefully. Many counters also require a template so we have a pattern to use when we cut the granite for your counters, so we can make sure they fit just right.

To make sure the measurements are right, we need clear access to the space, and that means the counters need to be clear.

Clear of small appliances, dish racks, knick knacks and all of that other stuff we all collect on our kitchen (or bathroom) counters.

We wanted to share a dramatic pair of photos to show you what we mean:


(Now, before you get all cranky that we showed someone’s cluttered counters, let us share that those counters were in one of our own family homes, when it was about to be updated.)

All that stuff was out on the counters because the cabinets were getting painted. We did not just sneak in a shot for your viewing pleasure (although we certainly did for our own, at the time!). If you look closely, you can see that the granite is already installed in this kitchen – and had been for years (and yes, we did that work, too).

For the most accurate granite templating, make sure your counters look like the decluttered counters in the second photo. Your templates will be accurate and ready for cutting your new granite countertops so your own before-and-after remodeling photos can be just as spectacular.

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