A Granite Tabletop Turns a Cheap Table into a Custom Table

This is a cheap table.

granite-table-top-austin-texasAs in, a few hundred dollars for the whole set, purchased at a discount furniture store in Austin in 2010.

Doesn’t look so cheap, if you look closely. (If only we had taken a better photo!).

We topped it with a piece of 2cm thick (about 3/4-inch) granite with a flat-polish edge and used it to stage a home for sale. It now serves as the kitchen table for a family of four in Northwest Austin.

Updating an Inexpensive Table

If you have one of these inexpensive tables you probably know that the original factory finish isn’t very good. It scratches easily, and will get cloudy if you set down a hot plate or casserole dish.

If your cheap table is looking, well, cheap, you can top it with a granite top. A new top is often cheaper than buying a new table!

Most of the granite remnants we have are too heavy for tables on spindly legs, but sometimes you can get lucky and find a granite remnant that will work. Just measure the table you have and pop us a quick email and we’ll let you know what we have that might work for putting a granite tabletop on your old (or new) table.

If you have a table with heavier legs, like an old country-style farmhouse table, you’ll have even more options.


  1. I’m trying to make an ugly coffee table pretty with a stone top. I would need a 36″ square remnant. I’m looking for white, cream or grey or bluish grey, honed. I prefer the smoother look versus the “freckled” granite look. Do you have anything in those colors in those sizes? THe coffee table has sturdy wooden legs.
    Thank you,

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