Granite Shower Seat with Travertine Tile

Gutting Your Shower?

Granite Shower SeatGranite Shower Seat with travertine tile walls
How about adding a granite shower seat when you put it back together?

This one is a little triangle, maybe 16-inches on the shorter edges that are against the tile walls. The stone is Goldstone granite, and it has a double pencil-edge finish for the front edge profile.  A double-pencil edge has softer edges than flat-polish which is just like it sounds – almost flat.

What is the Cost of a Granite Shower Seat?

Some little seats like this can be done for $40 to $60, depending on whether it is a scrap of granite we have at our shop, or whether it is new material that matches the new granite counters in the bathroom.

Bigger granite shower seats, like a bench across one wall might run $75 to $150 or more, depending on the square footage. Many homeowners have also been asking for matching windowsills, and ledges for the niches built in to the tile in the shower walls. The overall cost of have a General Contractor gut and re-doing a shower can easily run $2000 to $4500 and up, so the cost of these pieces is usually a small portion of the total amount spent.

These little extra touches make a shower in a master bathroom much more conventient to use. The shower seats and ledges give extra room for setting shampoo bottles and other shower products. We’ve had some people they like a place to put their foot when shaving their legs.

Installing a Granite Shower Seat

A Bigger Shower Bench Seat Example

A Bigger Shower Bench Seat Example

Most homeowners have their tile guy put in the shower seat, then grout it into place, just like they would if it were made out of a bigger piece of tile.

Even if you were already planning to have the spot tiled, you can still switch to a piece of granite. Just give us a call and ask if we have a piece big enough. If we bought new material for your bathroom counters, there is almost always enough left to cut more pieces to finish out the shower.

If your bathroom counters were made out of granite remnants, it just depends on which remnant you picked when you came by the shop.

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