Is Granite Recommended for Selling a Home in Austin?

An old kitchen in Northwest Austin

What Would You Expect a Granite Company to Say?

What we want to say: heck yeah, you gotta put in granite!
What we’re actually going to say: sometimes granite is recommended for resale, and sometimes it isn’t.

It all depends on the neighborhood, and the price-point (market value) of the home.

Seriously: do you want to buy that home in the photo? (It was Alison’s before she went on an updating binge in 2004).

Keeping Up with the Jones (or the Kardashians)

More pointedly, it really depends on whether or not other sellers are putting in granite when they are getting their homes ready to sell.

We know: Mom said not to worry about what other people are doing. But when it comes to updating houses, it actually does matter.

In many neighborhoods around Austin, granite is the standard. In some newer, trendier developments such as Agave, the different quartz brands are all the rage. In some less expensive areas, you might find laminate counters, Corian, or other man-made materials as the countertops.

We can say this: the more expensive the home, the more demanding the buyers.

Know Thy Competition

If you’re planning to sell your home, check out the competition. Go to open houses in your area, and take a good look at the cabinets, the counters, the flooring and the paint colors. Talk to a good Austin real estate agent and ask about what buyers in the area expect. If you see updated or upgraded ktichens in the homes that are selling then that tells you a lot about what you need to do to be competitive.

Replacing Old Counters

  • If the counters in your home are worn out, stained, broken or otherwise in bad shape, then you need to replace them.
  • If they are ugly, you need to replace them. We know you know what ugly is, since you dropped by to read this article.
  • If you’re going to replace them, and the kitchen is small, you might find that new granite counters are not that expensive compared to some of the other replacement counter options.
  • If you live in an area of more expensive homes, and the others homes for sale (or that have recently sold) have granite counters, then you need to give us a call to price out your options for new granite counters that will wow your buyers.

And finally, if you have cultured marble: rip it out, rip it out, rip it out (and come check out our granite remnants for replacement counters).

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