We Caught a Granite Kitchen Island and it was THAT BIG!

How Big was that Kitchen Island, you ask?

We have a funny story to share with you. Someone commented recently that she had a hard time figuring out if we did real granite, or just little pieces. After some confusion, we realized that the front page of our site was loaded with little tabletops and remnants, and was totally missing photos of the big kitchens and kitchen islands we do.

So, today we share with you a recent job for a client with a gorgeous custom home in Northwest Austin being built by Master’s Touch.
A huge granite kitchen island being laid out before cutting in Austin Texas

Yes, that is TWO full slabs of granite in that island. It was fascinating to watch the guys lay it out and cut it, and then laminate the edge – make the outer edge twice as thick.

Laying out a HUGE granite kitchen island in Austin, TX

That shadow is me (Alison) up on the forklift. The guys kept running out of the photo, but without them in there, it’s hard to really gauge the size of this puppy.

So, there you have it. We caught a kitchen island and it was THAT BIG!

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