Getting Ready For Granite Counters

A Check-List for Getting Ready for New Granite Counters

Take a few minutes and read our Getting Ready for Granite Series of articles.

When your new granite counters are the first counters being installed on the cabinets:

Your cabinets should be completely installed and level.

Make sure you have your faucets and sinks on-site (not just on-order). If you’re buying sinks from us, we’ll bring them with us. If you buy your sinks from somewhere else, you need to bring them to us, or we can pick them up when we come out to your house to do our final measuring and templating.

We need the sinks at our shop to make sure the holes for the under mount sinks are just the right size.

Make sure your new appliances are on-site (not just on order) before we come out to measure: Most slide-in ranges have a lip (or flange) that covers the edge of the granite. Many slide-ins don’t go all the way back, so you’ll need a piece of granite across the back.

We’ve cut jobs in the past just using the downloadable instructions (appliance techical specifications manuals) and have learned that is a good way to mess up the counters: the installation diagrams are often wrong!

When your new granite counters are replacing older counters:

Make sure your cabinets are level, or as level as they can be.

Make sure you have your appliances, faucets and sinks on-site (not just on-order). Read the info above.

Check your shut-off valves under the sink. the water to the old sink will need to be shut off to remove your old counters. If the counters have already been taken out, you’re ok on this line-item. If not, read Getting Ready for Granite Counters: Check Your Shut-Off Valves.┬áThis needs to be checked-off before we can remove your old counters before we install your new ones (if we’re doing the demolition of the old counters).