Granite Colors and Granite Types

Granite Colors: Every Color on Earth

Baricatto Granite

Baricatto Granite

Granite comes in a huge variety of colors and types.

Some Granite Types and Granite Colors:

Black, Almost-Black, Dark Grey: includes Black Pearl, Uba Tuba, Absolute Black and Black Galaxy. Of these, Uba Tuba is the least expensive, followed by Black Pearl, then Absolute Black and Black Galaxy
Whites: Kashmir Cream and Bianco Romano. These are two of the lightest granites we typically see in the Austin stone market. Kashmir Cream tends to water spot easily, and can be frustrating for homeowners. Bianco Romano looks a lot like marble and is often chosen for spaces where marble is impractical (kitchens).
Red Granite: Red Dragon and Rustic Coral. We’ve seen Red Dragon at a local Italian Restaurant.
Brown Granite: Tropical Brown, Baltic Brown, Suede Brown, Tan Brown, Dakota Mahogany, Autumn Harmony, Fiorito
Golds, Creams and Browns: Santa Cecilia, Neptune Bordeaux, Giallo Ornamental, and hundreds of others

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