Caring for Marble

Marble is Gorgeous and With Care Will Stay That Way

You have a new marble counter, and you’re in awe about how beautiful it is, right? If you want to keep it looking new, you need to take care of it!

Caring for Marble Counters

  • Wipe anything that spills on marble up immediately.
  • Use coasters under glasses or bottles to protect your marble counter.
  • Use hot pads or trivets to place hot items on marble countertops.
  • Follow a daily and periodic cleaning routine.
  • Always follow the directions on your cleaner and avoid mixing chemicals unless specified.
  • Use abrasives (nutshells, feldspar or silica, quartz etc) on honed marble only, and never on polished surfaces. Abrasives can cause scratches.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners or acids like vinegar and lime juice, grout cleaners, tub or tile cleaners on marble. They will etch or dull the stone.
  • Do not use hot water to clean spilled milk, which may make the stain worse.
  • A Gorgeous Carrera Marble Bathroom Vanity Top

    Carrera Marble Vanity Top