Granite Info

About Granite – Basic Granite Information

Granite is a type of igneous rock, formed at great depths and pressures deep in the earth. The main components of granite are quartz, potassium and sodium feldspar along with bits of mica and hornblende.

Granite is very hard (second only to diamonds), and durable. It can handle the heat from a hot pot set directly on the counter.

Granite Types

Granite comes in a huge number of colors and patterns. Some types of granite have a lot of movement (big sweeping swirls and colors across the human-polished surface) and character, while others are nearly solid (Black Galaxy, Absolute Black). Many are flecked with small bits of colors across a neutrally colored surface (Santa Cecilia).

What is “in style” for granite types depends on where you live. Even within Austin, we find a striking difference in the most commonly requested varieties.

Some people select their granite based on price, some on color, and some select their slabs to fit with a particular design scheme.

Although tans, caramels, creams and browns dominate the colors in many types of granite, you can find glorious granite slabs with all sorts of colors: greys, blues, metallics, reds and greens.

Granite Thickness

The most common granite thickness we fabricate and install is 3cm, which is a about 1.25-inches thick (1 inch is 2.54 cm). We also fabricate (cut and install) 2cm granite, which is thinner, and also less expensive (although not by much). Most of the granite you see in nicer homes in the Austin area is 3cm thick, and sometimes is also has a built-up edge.


Under mount sinks are most frequently installed with kitchen granite. An under mount sink has the sink mounted underneath the edge of the granite, which means you have no sink lip over which to swipe your crumbs or your sponge when wiping your counters! Sinks that are installed over the edge of the counter look dated.

In bathrooms, we see a lot of vessel sinks, which are basins of various shapes that sit on top of the counter, either in part or in whole. Vessel sinks come in a spectacular variety of colors and materials – from plain porcelain to glass, marble, granite, copper and travertine. We carry many different styles of vessel sinks, and can order a sink that will work for your space and design, and frequently for much less than you would pay from another local supplier, or even on-line.