Fiorito Granite for a High Bar

Got a High Bar with an angle in your kitchen?

Fiorito Granite CountersFiorito Granite CountersFiorito Granite ExampleFiorito Granite ExampleFiorito Granite ExampleFiorito Granite Example
Check out the angles on these pieces of Fiorito granite that have been made into a kitchen countertop and a high bar.

The piece has been cut to minimize seams, to minimize where the speckles in the Fiorito granite┬áneed to match up for the angles to look good. Both of these pieces have extensions to the left (to the right in the pictures since the counters are upside down). Both of the seams in these two counters are entirely due to the size of the material – not for the convenience of the fabricator or installer.

Working with Fiorito Granite

The homeowner for these counters has a LOT of counter space. As in 80+ square feet of kitchen counters. Minimizing seams was a really important part of this countertop job to keep the counters from looking like a chopped-up mess or a patchwork quilt.

We searched for stone that was big enough to cut these corner pieces with just one seam each. The speckled pattern in the Fiorito granite lends itself better to seams on angled counters than a lot of other granite styles – meaning ones with lots of linear movement.

The edge profile on these countertop pieces is one we call an “eyebrow” edge. It’s not listed on our granite edge profile page, but it is one of our standard edges (meaning: no additional cost). The eyebrow edge is rounded in the front, but shallower than a full bullnose edge.

Examples of Fiorito Granite

The least few photos are examples of other pieces of Fiorito that we’ve fabricated lately. None of these are from the same slabs as the first two photos.

You can see that the colors vary considerably from piece to piece – some are lighter, some are darker. Some read more neutral, whereas others are much stronger in the rusts.

If you’re considering this type of granite for your kitchen, you will need to go pick your material from on of the local Austin stone yards. That way, you can be certain that your new counters are exactly the color that you want them to be.

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