Vessel Sinks for Stone Counters

Need Inspiration for Vessel Sinks on Stone Counters?

Kraus Vessel Sink on Limestone Counters with a Flat-Polish Edge

Kraus Vessel Sink on Limestone Counters with a Flat-Polish Edge

Vessel Sinks on Bathroom Counter

Vessel Sinks on Giallo Verona Granite Bathroom Counter

Rectangular Vessel Sink

Rectangular Vessel Sink with a sink-mounted faucet on Black Pearl Granite

Kraus Copper Vessel Sink

This Kraus Copper Vessel Sink sits on Neptune Bordeaux Granite

Stone Vessel Sink

This Stone Vessel Sink sits on a Verde Marinache counter in a small powder room.

Heavy Vessel Sink

This Heavy Vessel Sink sits on a Uba Tuba granite counter with a flat-polish edge

Stone Vessel Sink

Stone Vessel Sink on Lapidus Granite

Check out these photos from some counters we’ve installed over the years with vessel sinks.

What is a Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter, instead of being mounted underneath like undermount sinks.

Some vessel sinks allow for a sink-mounted-faucet, but most of them have the faucets installed directly onto the countertop. Faucets designed for vessel sinks are often more expensive than “regular” faucets. For the vessel sinks that permit for a faucet to be mounted onto the sink itself, this can save on the cost of the faucet since they are designed to work with regular faucets.

Although the photo of the black counter with the tan skirt underneath is small, you might be able to see that the faucet is installed on to the back of the rectangular vessel sink itself.

Glass Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks made from glass almost always sit up on a little mounting ring or collar that keeps the sink from directly touching the countertop. The drain hole in the counter for these sinks is small – just big enough for the drain to fit through. Make sure you select a drain that is designed to work with a vessel sink. sells a lot of vessel sinks from Kraus. Kraus has published a nice guide that answers common questions about vessel sinks.

Read the Installation Instructions for Your Vessel Sink

Vessels sinks are not all installed the same way. Some drain holes are bigger than others. Some sinks can sit farther forward on the counter than others. It is always best to put the sink up on the counter, along with the faucet before drilling any holes for plumbing.