Copper Canyon Granite Tabletop for Sale in Austin Texas

Need a Gorgeous Granite Tabletop?

Sometimes for fun, we cut granite into circles and put them on tables. These tabletops are always one-of-a-kind, even when they are cut from the same type of granite.

This beautiful granite tabletop is made from Copper Canyon Granite. This gorgeous material has deep tones of orange, rust and gold across a creamy background. You can see from the photos below that the tabletop has lots of interesting movement in the stone.

The edge is a flat-polish. We’ve included some close-up pictures so you can see what the edge looks like – nice and simple.

Copper Canyon Granite Tabletop Images


Small Tables Bases for Granite Tabletops

Wondering where to get a table base for this copper canyon tabletop?

We’ve had lots of luck at Target, Crate and Barrel, Pier One and World Market. You can often pick up small end tables or coffee tables at consignment stores, or at end-of-season sales for patio furniture (for iron or metal bases).

Look around your house – you might just have one that can be spruced up with a can of spray paint, then topped with a new granite top for far cheaper than you might have imagined.

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