Copper Canyon Exotica Granite Slab

Slab of Copper Canyon Exotica graniteClose-up photo Copper Canyon Exotica graniteCopper Canyon Exotica Granite in Austin, TXCopper Canyon Exotica Granite Slab

Ever-Popular Copper Canyon Granite, Kicked up a Notch.

Folks here in Austin love love love Copper Canyon granite. It is one of the most-called for colors at our shop off North Lamar. It ranks up there with the bordeaux granites that are also all the rage in 2012.

This version is called Copper Canyon Exotica and we found it last week at Shenoy Granites and Marble here in Austin. Shenoy (aka SGM) is one of the biggest granite yards here in Austin, and they always have a great selection of material.

SGM is one of a bunch of stone yards where we buy the granite for our clients’ kitchens.

Color and Movement in Copper Canyon Exotica Granite

These slabs have large, sweeping movement across the face of the stone.  The colors are dominated by the rusts and browns, but you can also see small grey speckles in some of the lighter colored areas.

Like most of the granites that have this much obvious directional motion to them, they look best without seams, or with as few seams as possible. It’s hard to get the colors to look right at big joints, so it’s best to avoid them.

Where to Use Copper Canyon Exotica Granite

This granite looks great on great big kitchen islands where you can see the larger areas of color and character. It also looks great on long runs of counters, like in a galley kitchen.

It’s also super-popular in bathroom remodels (or new construction) where the master bathroom counters are long – up to about 106 to 110-inches long.  We’ve seen it on white or ivory cabinets, and also on several different colors of natural brown wooden cabinets. It’s extra gorgeous on espresso brown cabinets, as long as the other finishes in the room aren’t too dark.

One good choice for sinks with this stone are the rectangular undermount sinks called either the “trench” or the “basin”. The “trench” sink is rectangular at the top, and curved at the bottom. The “basin” is rectangular both at the top and at the bottom. The “basin” is smaller, so it leaves more countertop space to show off the granite. The “trench” is more popular because it is a bigger sink.

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