Golden Musk Granite – Blue, Green and Gorgeous Exotic Stone

Golden Musk Granite - Exotic Granite Austin TX

Got an Unusual Home? How about putting in some exotic granite counters that will knock everyone’s socks off? I was browsing at Young Stone on Rutland last week and found this beautiful and unsual blue and green granite. Imagine how it would look in a mid-century home . . . or an ultra-modern loft where […]

Golden Bordeaux Granite in Austin Texas

golden bordeaux granite bathroom vanity steiner ranch tx

Ah, Yes, Another Bordeaux Granite. Today I did a happy dance, then held my camera up high and tried to stop wiggling for long enough to get a clear shot. The object of my affection? A piece of Golden Bordeaux granite destined for a bathroom countertop. This is going on a zig-zaggy cabinet, a custom […]

Blue Stone

blue stone exotic stone austin texas

What is Blue Stone? We had some material delivered to the shop today on North Lamar in Austin that knocked our socks off. It’s called Blue Stone and it is one of those stones that just makes your jaw drop and then you stand there gaping. We’ve been happily cutting it up into kitchen countertops […]

Neptune Bordeaux Granite: Awash with Movement and Color

nepturn bordeaux granite in Austin Texas

Ahhhh, Neptune Bordeaux. Some granite slabs are evenly colored, some have tight little speckles. Others are dark and stormy. And then there is Neptune Bordeaux. This gorgeous granite goes KABOOM! With colors ranging from cream to brown, to graphite to salmon, this granite has got it goin’ on. The face of each slab has large, […]

Santa Cecilia Granite: It Ain’t All the Same


Want Santa Cecilia Granite like Your Neighbors Have? You’ll need to go pick out the exact material for your kitchen to make sure you get just what you want. If you don’t, the Santa Cecilia might be waaaay different than what you were expecting. We can fab almost any thing you pick into the perfect […]

Pietra Del Cardoso – A Gorgeous Italian Alternative to Soapstone


Love the look of soapstone, but want something even less common? So, you have a new or old farmhouse, or a super-elegant yet simple and refined home and you want counters that mirror that elegance? You know, something lovely, and usual, something almost no one you know has seen, or most likely ever heard of? […]

The Granite Kitchen Island – Laminated-Edges For High-End Kitchens


We don’t use the word “laminate” in our shop Unless we’re talking about laminated edges for kitchen islands. Set aside your notions of “laminated” for a minute and bear with us while we talk about this. Laminated edges are frequently used to make cheaper granite edge profiles look more expensive. You’ve seen this – thin […]

Spotlight on Typhoon Bordeaux Granite


Typhoon Bordeaux Granite – The Perfect High-End Kitchen Island You know those fancy magazines that show huge, gorgeous kitchen islands? The kind where the outer counters in the kitchen are a different color of granite? Those islands look fantastic in Typhoon Bordeaux. This granite, like a lot of granite with a lot of movement, is […]

Spotlight on Hurricane Granite


Hurricane Granite – Go Bold or Go Home This glorious granite is not for those who like subtle design. Hurricane is bold and colorful, awash with movement in golds and blacks. This type of granite is a fantastic choice for large kitchen islands, or long runs of counters. It does not look good in small […]

Granite Spotlight – White Spring Granite – An Alternative to Marble


White Springs Granite – White, Ivory, Flecks of Black and Brown and Rust White granite and white marble are traditional favorites for designers and decorators for new kitchens and kitchen remodels. Many white granite varieties, like White Spring granite, complement a lot of different colors of kitchen cabinets, paint and backsplash tile. We had two […]

Granite Countertops Spotlight – Yellow River Granite

Laying out the cuts for Yellow River Granite

Considering Yellow River Granite For Your Remodel? We’ve had a lot of this stone come through our shop off North Lamar in Austin, Texas over the past few weeks. The colors in this granite run the gamut – from creams and yellows, to gold, rust, grey and blue-grey. Some slabs have lovely movement in the […]

Spotlight on Prada Gold Granite- Laying Out a Granite Kitchen in Austin Texas


Strong Lines in Prada Gold Granite Require Patience and Skill Some granite is more easily laid out than others. Simple all-over patterns, or granite with small specks are a lot easier to fabricate (cut) than complex premium granites like Prada Gold. Prada Gold Takes an Experienced Granite Fabricator This granite has strong lines and color […]