Peacock Green Granite Kitchen | Round Rock Texas

L-Shaped Corner in Peacock Green Granite

Peacock Green Granite Tops New Kitchen Cabinets in Round Rock, Texas. Are you considering updating a home with older cabinets and laminate countertops? This home was a foreclosure in Round Rock, and was purchased as an investment property. The older kitchen cabinets were replaced with the nice spice-colored new ones, and new counters were installed. […]

Copper Canyon Rustic Granite

Copper Canyon Rustic Granite Detail

Love The Rusty Coppery Colors in Copper Canyon Granite? You’re in luck because Copper Canyon comes in several variations, and one of them might just be the winner for your new kitchen counters. Check out this slab of Copper Canyon Rustic we found at SGM last week. It has the classic color combination of Copper […]

Cabernet Bordeaux Granite for a Condo Kitchen

Inside Corner Half Bullnose on Cabernet Bordeaux Granite

An Austin Condo Kitchen gets Cabernet Bordeaux Granite. Think Austin condo living means giving up some of the nicer details like granite kitchen counters? Not for the new owners of several condos at the Towers of Town Lake, a high rise development between I35 and East Avenue. Many of the condos at the Towers of […]

Giallo Napoleon Granite with Full Bullnose Edge

Full bullnose edge on Giallo Napoleon granite

Do you like Giallo Napoleon Granite? The colors on this super-pretty set of Giallo Napoleon granite slabs have given the camera all sorts of grief this week. This set of photos shows close-to-true for the colors in this stone. The coloring is . . . complex, and mixes both warm colors like gold, caramel and […]

Giallo Verona Granite: Tasty Bits from the Granite Truck

Eyebrow edge on Giallo Verona Granite

Considering Giallo Verona for your Remodel? Here are a few quick snapshots from a Giallo Verona granite kitchen loaded on one of the trucks to be installed today. These slipped through fabrication right under my nose, without any photo opportunity until they were tightening the straps to keep them secure on the frame in the […]

Copper Canyon Exotica Granite Slab

Slab of Copper Canyon Exotica granite

Ever-Popular Copper Canyon Granite, Kicked up a Notch. Folks here in Austin love love love Copper Canyon granite. It is one of the most-called for colors at our shop off North Lamar. It ranks up there with the bordeaux granites that are also all the rage in 2012. This version is called Copper Canyon Exotica and we […]

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite Kitchen

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with 4-inch granite backsplashes

Like Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite? Then you’re in good company. This granite is HOT this season in the Austin granite market. All of the bordeaux granites have been super popular, but Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic (and regular Typhoon Bordeaux) is at the top of that list. If you are considering Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic for your project, […]

Harmony Bordeaux Granite Slab – Detailed Images

Harmony Bordeuax Granite for countertops

Considering Harmony Bordeaux Granite for your counters? This gorgeous slab of Harmony Bordeaux granite was spotted at SGM this afternoon. The colors in this stone are jaw-dropping. Reds, salmon, cream, coral and even some absolutely stunning little flecks of a deep yellow. The colors move across the face of the slab, with every section appearing […]

Barricato Granite Slab for a Kitchen Island

Barricato Granite

Love the Glorious Greens in Barricato Granite? Barricato granite is . . . exotic. Definately not at all like the slabs that come through here every other day of the week. This stone has large chunks of color in it – from the dark green veins, to large areas of cream, caramel and gold. This […]

Fiorito Granite for a High Bar

Fiorito Granite Counters

Got a High Bar with an angle in your kitchen? Check out the angles on these pieces of Fiorito granite that have been made into a kitchen countertop and a high bar. The piece has been cut to minimize seams, to minimize where the speckles in the Fiorito granite need to match up for the angles […]

Lady Dream Granite for a Kitchen Countertop

Lady Dream Granite Austin Texas

Lady Dream Granite: Not Your Typical Kitchen Granite. This slab of Lady Dream granite is destined for a kitchen in Northwest Austin. The depth and variation in the color is so stunning that it needed to go up on the website. Lady Dream is red. And salmon. And green. And has hints of blue-green. The […]

Surf Green Granite Bathroom Countertop

Surf Green Granite countertop

Want an Unsual Bathroom Countertop? Check out this surf green granite. It has big, colorful chunks of green and salmon and some ivory as well. The granite edge profile is a full bullnose, so it is rounded on the top at the bottom. The undermount sink is one we sell here at the shop – […]

Red Dragon Granite for Your Kitchen in Round Rock

Red Dragon granite for a kitchen island in Austin Texas

Going Bold in Your New Kitchen? How about some Red Dragon Granite on your kitchen island? This stuff is not for the mild-mannered of kitchen granite design. This granite is RED. It is BOLD. And it is not common. It looks just smashing with built-up edges on a kitchen island. It can be paired with […]

Sucurri Brown Granite: Know Your Slab

Sucurri Brown Granite Slab Austin Texas Graniite Fabricator

A Sample of Sucurri Doesn’t Tell Even Half of the Story. If you’ve seen a chunk of Sucurri Brown granite, you may be surprised at what the whole slab looks like. It’s waaaaaay different from top to bottom and side to side. One section to the next doesn’t even look like the same material, much […]

Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite: Grey Goose

Arabescato Quartzite Grey Goose Stone

Like White and Grey Countertops? We see them absolutely everywhere in design mags. Especially in vintage kitchens, french-inspired design, modern design, contemporary design and remodels of older homes. Oh, wow. That’s like saying: everywhere. This stone is also called Super White Quartzite, Donna Maria and White Fantasy. The one we found at Shenoy Granites here […]

Exodus Granite: Perfect for a Showcase Kitchen Island

Exodus Granite - blue grey cream and gold at SGM in Austin.

Ripping Kitchen Idea Pages out of Magazines? If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably been collecting pages from magazines that have styles you like for your new granite kitchen counters. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, now is the time. Check out Alison’s Kitchen Islands pinboard. The magazines have been showing a lot of […]