Surf Green Granite for a Kitchen Peninsula

Surf Green Granite Peninsula

Got a Raised Bar in Your Kitchen? With a little carpentry work, and new counters, you can gain a single-level peninsula and have a really nice space for working and eating. This kitchen in San Antonio had laminated counters and a raised bar. Now the kitchen has a single-level counter on one side. Here is […]

Austin Condo Kitchen with IKEA Cabinets

Condo Kitchen with IKEA Cabinets and Uba Tuba Granite

Got a Little Condo Kitchen and Need Ideas? This little condo is near the UT campus here in Austin, and is owned by some folks that live in snow country and need a warmer climate during the winter. Like a lot of condo kitchens that have had students around, it needed a full remodel. IKEA […]

Peacock Green Granite Kitchen | Round Rock Texas

L-Shaped Corner in Peacock Green Granite

Peacock Green Granite Tops New Kitchen Cabinets in Round Rock, Texas. Are you considering updating a home with older cabinets and laminate countertops? This home was a foreclosure in Round Rock, and was purchased as an investment property. The older kitchen cabinets were replaced with the nice spice-colored new ones, and new counters were installed. […]

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite Kitchen

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with 4-inch granite backsplashes

Like Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite? Then you’re in good company. This granite is HOT this season in the Austin granite market. All of the bordeaux granites have been super popular, but Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic (and regular Typhoon Bordeaux) is at the top of that list. If you are considering Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic for your project, […]

Fiorito Granite for a High Bar

Fiorito Granite Counters

Got a High Bar with an angle in your kitchen? Check out the angles on these pieces of Fiorito granite that have been made into a kitchen countertop and a high bar. The piece has been cut to minimize seams, to minimize where the speckles in the Fiorito granite need to match up for the angles […]

Ornamental Granite Kitchen with White Cabinets

Ornamental Granite with an undermount sink

Ornamental Granite Goes with White Cabinets. This lovely kitchen is in a very nice home in Westlake in Austin. The white cabinets were in great shape. The original laminated counters were also in good condition, but dated the home, which was built in the mid-1990s. The new homeowner chose Ornamental granite with a 1/2-inch beveled […]

Asterix Granite Kitchen Island

Asterix granite kitchen island

Asterix Granite anchors the island in this kitchen. Looking for examples of a fancier kitchen island in a nice subdivision home? The asterix granite on this kitchen island is one of a lot of cool kitchen remodel ideas: The island cabinets are a different color (white, off-white) than the other cabinets in the kitchen. The surrounding cabinets […]

Austin Granite Kitchen in Tropical Brown

Austin Granite Company - Tropical Brown Granite

Got White Cabinets? Tropical brown granite looks marvelous with the white cabinets in this Austin kitchen. (Pardon the grainy photos – we only had a point-and-shoot camera on us that day.) These granite countertops have a flat-polish edge profile. We see this profile on all sorts of kitchen styles, from uber-modern, to mid-century modern, to […]

Lago Vista Granite Kitchen With a Big Granite Island

Lago Vista granite kitchen in Santa Cecilia granite

Want a Giant Island in Your Lago Vista Kitchen? Check out the really pretty custom cabinets under this Santa Cecilia granite island in this new kitchen in Lago Vista, Texas. Santa Cecilia is one of those granite colors that looks good with almost any cabinet color and style – from very traditional to transitional styles […]

Makeshift Kitchen For Your Kitchen Remodel: Getting Ready for Granite

Makeshift kitchen with countertop appliances

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Some kitchen remodels are small. Some kitchen remodels are big. What is yours? Kitchen remodels, from easiest to hardest: Replacing the old kitchen countertops with granite or quartz Re-arranging a few cabinets (or adding some), then installing new granite or quartz countertops and backsplash Installing new cabinets, countertops and backsplash Moving walls, […]

Red Dragon Granite for Your Kitchen in Round Rock

Red Dragon granite for a kitchen island in Austin Texas

Going Bold in Your New Kitchen? How about some Red Dragon Granite on your kitchen island? This stuff is not for the mild-mannered of kitchen granite design. This granite is RED. It is BOLD. And it is not common. It looks just smashing with built-up edges on a kitchen island. It can be paired with […]

Granite Countertop Height for Slide-in Range: Getting Ready for Granite

matching slide-in range height to granite counters

Want Your Slide-in Range to Fit with Your Granite Counters? We do, too! Here is how to make sure your slide-in range fits: Get your hands on the installation manual, and make sure the counters will end up at the same height as the slide-in range. Easy peasy! Or, we hope that will be the […]

Exodus Granite: Perfect for a Showcase Kitchen Island

Exodus Granite - blue grey cream and gold at SGM in Austin.

Ripping Kitchen Idea Pages out of Magazines? If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably been collecting pages from magazines that have styles you like for your new granite kitchen counters. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, now is the time. Check out Alison’s Kitchen Islands pinboard. The magazines have been showing a lot of […]

Neptune Bordeaux Granite Countertops

Neptune Bordeaux Granite Bathroom Ccountertop Liberty Hill Texas

Got Big House? We’ve got big granite for it. In the case of this big ranch house, all of the bathrooms, the kitchen, a bar area, laundry room and some built-in cabinets in the hallway all got new granite counters made out of Neptune Bordeaux. That’s a LOT of granite, if we do say so […]

Baltic Brown Granite Remnant for a Small Kitchen

baltic brown granite remnant austin tx

Update: February 7th, 2012: SOLD!!! Need Granite in a Small Kitchen in Austin or Round Rock? Got a rental property you own or manage? Tenants messing up the cheap laminated counters? We have a nice-sized remnant of 3cm Baltic Brown granite (the thick stuff) that would make some nice, durable counters, and for pretty cheap. […]

Corner Sinks and Granite Countertops

Granite counter with a corner sink

Do We Cut Corners? Well, how nice of you to ask! We come across a lot of kitchens with sinks in the corners, usually on an angled cabinet. The granite countertops for these kitchens is trickier than those where the sink is along a straight run of countertop. Sometimes we can cut the entire corner […]