Surf Green Granite for a Kitchen Peninsula

Surf Green Granite Peninsula

Got a Raised Bar in Your Kitchen? With a little carpentry work, and new counters, you can gain a single-level peninsula and have a really nice space for working and eating. This kitchen in San Antonio had laminated counters and a raised bar. Now the kitchen has a single-level counter on one side. Here is […]

Commercial Granite: Restaurant Counters Made Easy

Commercial Granite Countertops

Opening a Restaurant in the Austin Area? We can usually install the new counters a week after we make the templates. Wow! How to Order Commercial Granite Countertops Here is how it works: Call when you’re planning the space, and we’ll get you some estimated pricing to help you budget for the countertops. If you […]

Granite Templates: Making Patterns for a Perfect Fit

Making Templates for a Granite Laundry Room Counter

Got Wonky Walls? You’re not alone. Most homes are a little (or a lot) out of square on the inside walls. What this means is that if you put a perfect square into a corner, like the corner where a countertop goes, it’s not going to fit perfectly. Maybe there is a little gap at […]

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertops

HanStone Aurora Snow Quartz Countertop

Got Modern Home? HanStone Aurora Snow quartz looks great for homes that lean towards a modern, or mid-century modern style when fabricated with straight lines and clean edges. The clean, crisp edges on these two Aurora Snow quartz countertops are a double-thickness of the material. A single thickness is 3cm (1 and 3/16 inches), so […]

Want to Help Children in Need?

Legacy Ranch Family Link in Gonzales Texas

Read About Family Link’s Legacy Ranch Project. Family Link is an adoption and foster agency located in Gonzales Texas.  They are opening Legacy Ranch in Gonzales to provide critical services to children, families and elderly people in need.  Legacy Ranch is a “Multi-generational Foster Family & Senior Citizen Community: a foster family community and retreat […]

Half-Bullnose Edge on Granite – Step by Step

Half Bullnose Edge Before Polishing

Considering Half-Bullnose for your granite counters? A half-bullnose edge is rounded on the top, and flat on the bottom. Well, the bottom isn’t completely flat – it has a subtle, very subtle rounding to it to keep the bottom edge from being sharp. Here is a quick series of photos taken at our little granite […]

Lady Dream Granite for a Kitchen Countertop

Lady Dream Granite Austin Texas

Lady Dream Granite: Not Your Typical Kitchen Granite. This slab of Lady Dream granite is destined for a kitchen in Northwest Austin. The depth and variation in the color is so stunning that it needed to go up on the website. Lady Dream is red. And salmon. And green. And has hints of blue-green. The […]

Asterix Granite Kitchen Island

Asterix granite kitchen island

Asterix Granite anchors the island in this kitchen. Looking for examples of a fancier kitchen island in a nice subdivision home? The asterix granite on this kitchen island is one of a lot of cool kitchen remodel ideas: The island cabinets are a different color (white, off-white) than the other cabinets in the kitchen. The surrounding cabinets […]

Bathroom Vanity Top in an Austin Rental

Bathroom Vanity Top with Square Undermount Sink - new Venetian Gold Granite

Are Your Tenants Damaging Your Bathroom Vanity Tops? If you’re a landlord, you know how often the countertops in a rental get damaged. Maybe it starts with one little corner getting dinged. And then the compressed stuff inside the laminate maybe gets a little wet and starts to deteriorate. Then maybe the dog gets a […]

Makeshift Kitchen For Your Kitchen Remodel: Getting Ready for Granite

Makeshift kitchen with countertop appliances

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Some kitchen remodels are small. Some kitchen remodels are big. What is yours? Kitchen remodels, from easiest to hardest: Replacing the old kitchen countertops with granite or quartz Re-arranging a few cabinets (or adding some), then installing new granite or quartz countertops and backsplash Installing new cabinets, countertops and backsplash Moving walls, […]

Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite: Grey Goose

Arabescato Quartzite Grey Goose Stone

Like White and Grey Countertops? We see them absolutely everywhere in design mags. Especially in vintage kitchens, french-inspired design, modern design, contemporary design and remodels of older homes. Oh, wow. That’s like saying: everywhere. This stone is also called Super White Quartzite, Donna Maria and White Fantasy. The one we found at Shenoy Granites here […]

Undermount Sinks in Granite Countertops

Curved apron-front undermount sink in a granite kitchen countertop

Confused by the Term “Undermount Sinks”? Here are some examples of undermount sinks installed under granite counters. You can see that the opening must be perfectly cut for the size and shape of the sink. Also, the edge is polished, just like the top of the counter. Since 3cm granite (the typical thickness found in […]

Exodus Granite: Perfect for a Showcase Kitchen Island

Exodus Granite - blue grey cream and gold at SGM in Austin.

Ripping Kitchen Idea Pages out of Magazines? If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably been collecting pages from magazines that have styles you like for your new granite kitchen counters. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, now is the time. Check out Alison’s Kitchen Islands pinboard. The magazines have been showing a lot of […]

Granite Samples: Can You Have Some? Getting Ready for Granite Series

Granite samples at Granite Fabricator Toluca Granite

Granite Samples are Great for Shopping. So, you’re getting new granite counters. You take a few little granite samples home. You put the samples on your cabinets and pick one. Sounds perfect, right? Well, maybe. It sounds perfect until your counters are installed and they look nothing like the little sample you selected. Here is […]

Corner Sinks and Granite Countertops

Granite counter with a corner sink

Do We Cut Corners? Well, how nice of you to ask! We come across a lot of kitchens with sinks in the corners, usually on an angled cabinet. The granite countertops for these kitchens is trickier than those where the sink is along a straight run of countertop. Sometimes we can cut the entire corner […]

Austin Granite Yards: What to Expect – Getting Ready for Granite

Austin Stone Yard Shenoy Granites SGM

Need to Pick Your Granite and Don’t Know What to Do? When you get new granite or marble counters, you get to pick the stone you want! Here are the basic steps: Talk to us about your plans for new counters and look at some of our samples in the showroom. Visit some Austin stone yards to […]