Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite: Grey Goose

Arabescato Quartzite Grey Goose Slab Austin TexasArabescato Quartzite Grey Goose StoneArabescato Quartzite Grey Goose Stone

Super White Quartzite Slab

Super White Quartzite Slab - Photographed at Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite in August 2012

Super White Quartzite Slab

Super White Quartzite Slab found at Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite in Austin in August 2012

Like White and Grey Countertops?

We see them absolutely everywhere in design mags. Especially in vintage kitchens, french-inspired design, modern design, contemporary design and remodels of older homes.

Oh, wow. That’s like saying: everywhere.

This stone is also called Super White Quartzite, Donna Maria and White Fantasy. The one we found at Shenoy Granites here in Austin was labeled Grey Goose.

Quartzites are hard to fabricate (difficult to cut and shape), and are often priced much higher than granite or marble – both because of the difficulty of fabrication and the higher prices on the material itself. Even so, they are gaining in popularity with higher-end designers who want something new, fresh or different for their clients.

If you take a look at our collection of kitchens on Pinterest you will see a lot of Arabescato, or a lot of other stone that looks similar. (No, we didn’t do the majority of those kitchens, but we’re collecting photos so you can see the possibilities.)

Arabescato Kitchen Counters

If you can dream it, we can make it. We are particularly fond of curvy kitchen islands, or really sleek contemporary ones. Or anything in between.

Check out our collection of kitchen island ideas on Pinterest for examples of how your new countertops can look.


  1. C. Rudolph says:

    I am building a house near the Austin area and am very interested in the “Grey Goose” or “Super White” Quartzite. I am getting conflicting information from a fabricator in Marble Falls and a Granite supplier in Houston regarding this quartzite material. Is this something that people are putting in their kitchens and bathrooms? If so – how does it compare to granite and marble?

  2. Austin Granite Girls says:

    Good question!

    It is going in to kitchens and bathrooms! Here is a discussion forum that might help you decide if you want it in your own home:

    Garden Web discussion on Super White Quartzite.

  3. Super White, Moon Night, Grey Goose, whatever you want to call it this week !
    Is “not” a Quartzite or a Granite, it’s a Dolomitec Marble !
    Harder than a lot of marbles maybe, but marble none the less. and with all the same problems associated with marble, when used in a kitchen. It will stain, and it will etch !!!

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