Bordeaux Granite Table Top in Austin Texas

Need a Little Granite Table Top?

We have a few tabletops in the shop – and will be putting them up for sale over the next few weeks at rock-bottom prices. Rock-bottom as in $25 to $80 a pop – for 3cm (the thick stuff), granite in gorgeous colors and patterns.

We need to make room for the next batch!

Bordeaux Granite Table

This gem is made from a granite called Bordeaux – it has a complex coloration with heavy emphasis on russets and corals. It also has flecks of cream and dark-grey to almost-black.

This table top is one of a kind.

It is 24 inches in diameter – the perfect size for a granite end table in your home, or in the reception area of your business.

Get a Table Base from Target or a Local Consignment Store, or Home Furnishings Store

You can run out to Target or one of the local home furnishing stores and grab a small table and then just set this gorgeous piece of Bordeaux granite on top.

The edge is a 1/4-inch bevel, which means a small flat slice has been taken off the top edge and the rest of the edge (and the bevel) is polished. The top also has a nice polished finish.

Yours for the crazy price of $40.

Yes, FORTY DOLLARS. US DOLLARS, not Euros or Aussie or Canadian bucks.

I’d take it home with me, but, well, I already have every possible surface in my home covered in granite or marble – one of the benefits (??) or working in this line of business.

Email to claim it, then come pick it up. It’s heavy, but one person can still wrestle it into a trunk and into the house.

Note: I resisted the urge to smack these pics up in Photoshop, to try to keep the image as close to real life as possible, but the color on your monitor will vary from the actual color of this piece of Bordeaux Granite.


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