Black Pearl Granite Remnant For Sale in Austin Texas

Black Pearl – Goes With Everything

Trying to photograph this granite remnant was a joke. This material is so dark and so reflective, photographing it is next to impossible, even on an overcast day.

When I chimped at the camera (snuck a peek at the post-shot data and thumbnail), I could see that taking another shot wasn’t going to make for a better photograph. Yes, that is me (Alison) trying to hide on the side, snapping a nice reflection of a granite dolly and a big roll-down garage door. Thems skillz! as my teenager would say.

Black Pearl Granite

So, how can you begin to see what the possibilities are for this remnant of Black Pearl Granite?

We used Black Pearl in a small master bathroom of my own home that I sold last month. It was the perfect complement to pebble tile on the floor and a gorgeous grey-green paint on the walls. It replaced a mesquite counter that was just too rustic for the updated style of the home.

We also used it extensively in another house I sold for a neighbor last year. You can see a few photos in this article on using Black Pearl granite to update a 1980s home.

This granite remnant we have for sale is 34″ x 25.5″. That is big enough to top a 30-inch wide vanity, or a nice-sized coffee table (or pair of small end tables, or a small console table).

For $130, we’ll cut this in to a bathroom vanity countertop, including a polished-edge sink cutout. That includes polishing the edges and drilling the faucet holes but you’ll need to come pick it up at our shop off North Lamar in Austin, Texas.

To put this puppy on hold, drop off your measurements and a check (or cash) for $65 and we’ll have it ready for you to come back and get it in under a week.


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