Austin Granite Yards: What to Expect – Getting Ready for Granite

Need to Pick Your Granite and Don’t Know What to Do?

When you get new granite or marble counters, you get to pick the stone you want!

Here are the basic steps:Austin granite slabs

  • Talk to us about your plans for new counters and look at some of our samples in the showroom.
  • Visit some Austin stone yards to look at material.
  • Talk to us again about the granite, marble or quartz that you saw that you liked.
  • We’ll get pricing and availability and share that with you.
  • Decide what you want, and we’ll get it installed in about a week.
  • You can start this process as early as when you realize you might want to re-do your counters, or as late as “Oh no! We ripped out the counters and now we need new ones fast!”

Sometimes you will need to make more than one trip and we’ll work with you to figure out which stone best fits your budget and your design.

What To Expect When You Visit a Stone Yard

After we’ve talked a bit about your job – to get a basic understanding of what you want with regards to size, style and scheduling – you will go visit one of the local stone yards. Fortunately, several of the Austin granite yards are within 10 minutes of our shop, which makes it easy to visit us and to visit several stone yards on the same day.

  • When you arrive at the stone yard, just park your car and walk on in.Austin Stone Yard Shenoy Granites SGM
  • Bundles of slabs are arranged in long rows so you can see all of the available material.
  • Sometimes someone might offer to help you, and sometimes you will have to flag someone down that works there. They will give you a selection sheet where you can write down your material choices, or sometimes they will walk around with you and write them down for you.
  • If you find something you absolutely adore, have them put it on hold. The hold can always be released if you change your mind.
  • Have them write both your name and Toluca Granite on the slab(s), that way we can be sure we’re pricing the right material for you.
  • If they ask who your fabricator is, tell them Toluca Granite.

If you want, you can also take some photos to help you remember the ones you liked the best.

What To Expect After You’ve Chosen Your Granite

We need a few things in order to put you on the schedule for installing your new countertops:

  • Your material selection.
  • Your measurements or templates (we will do this for you).
  • Your deposit.

After that, it takes about a week for your gorgeous new granite counters to be ready to enjoy in your home or business.

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