Austin Condo Kitchen with IKEA Cabinets

Got a Little Condo Kitchen and Need Ideas?

IKEA Cabinets in a Small Condo Kitchen

IKEA Cabinets in a Small Condo Kitchen

Condo Kitchen with IKEA Cabinets and Uba Tuba Granite

Condo Kitchen with IKEA Cabinets and Uba Tuba Granite

This little condo is near the UT campus here in Austin, and is owned by some folks that live in snow country and need a warmer climate during the winter.

Like a lot of condo kitchens that have had students around, it needed a full remodel.

IKEA Cabinets Make a Super-Functional Condo Kitchen

Take a good look at the cabinets in this little kitchen. The drawers to the left of the sink are a 30-inch wide cabinet, with two deep drawers on the bottom and two smaller drawers on the top.

The amount of stuff that fits in one of these cabinets is nothing short of astonishing. Like, ALL of your pots and pans. The bottom drawer is big enough to hold an entire kitchen’s worth of small appliances: a toaster, crock-pot, blender, rice cooker, Cusinart food processors and then some.

The owners of this condo kitchen were smart when they selected the taller kitchen cabinets, too. Those cabinets are 39-inches tall, instead of the standard 30-inches. That gives one extra shelf of space at the top – enough to store those things you don’t use all the time but don’t want to give up (or relegate to deep-storage).

Because the shelves inside IKEA cabinets are adjustable, you can cram a LOT in those upper cabinets by putting shelves closer together – and adjusted to fit exactly what needs to be stored and accessible.

The Little Sink That Could: The IKEA Domsjo Sink

This entire kitchen came out of one Uba Tuba granite remnant from our little granite shop off North Lamar in Austin. Most remnants are too small for kitchens, even little condo kitchens like this one.

The one little detail that made it work was the selection of the single-bowl IKEA Domsjo sink. The sink fits in a 24-inch cabinet and goes all they way back to the wall. For a “small” sink, it is astonishingly big. More importantly, it doesn’t need granite in front or behind (like other sinks do – whether they are undermount or drop-in). That means it saved 4 square feet of granite, which was almost enough to cover the cost of the sink! Whoo-hoo!

We highly recommend this sink – it looks great, it is super-functional and it can save some of the cost of new countertops without sacrificing on style or quality.

This kitchen has under 20 square feet of granite countertops with flat-polish edges.

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