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Granite Seams: The Granite Biz Series


Getting New Granite Counters? Want seams all over the place, running here and there and everywhere? Didn’t think so. Some Granite Seams Are Unavoidable. One of the signs of a cut-rate (and cut-quality) granite fabricator is counters with a lot of seams – or more specifically – a lot of unnecessary seams. So, what makes […]

Granite Samples: What You Need to Know

Granite Sample Detail 2

Beware the Little Granite Samples. So, you’re getting new counters and you’ve picked up a little sample of Pretty Color Granite from a big box store and you’re using it to shop for paint and cabinet stain colors. Watch Out! That little sample might be a few weeks old, or it might be a few […]

Giallo Napoleon Granite with Full Bullnose Edge

Full bullnose edge on Giallo Napoleon granite

Do you like Giallo Napoleon Granite? The colors on this super-pretty set of Giallo Napoleon granite slabs have given the camera all sorts of grief this week. This set of photos shows close-to-true for the colors in this stone. The coloring is . . . complex, and mixes both warm colors like gold, caramel and […]

Copper Canyon Exotica Granite Slab

Slab of Copper Canyon Exotica granite

Ever-Popular Copper Canyon Granite, Kicked up a Notch. Folks here in Austin love love love Copper Canyon granite. It is one of the most-called for colors at our shop off North Lamar. It ranks up there with the bordeaux granites that are also all the rage in 2012. This version is called Copper Canyon Exotica and we […]

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite Kitchen

Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic granite with 4-inch granite backsplashes

Like Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic Granite? Then you’re in good company. This granite is HOT this season in the Austin granite market. All of the bordeaux granites have been super popular, but Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic (and regular Typhoon Bordeaux) is at the top of that list. If you are considering Typhoon Bordeaux Rustic for your project, […]

Fiorito Granite for a High Bar

Fiorito Granite Counters

Got a High Bar with an angle in your kitchen? Check out the angles on these pieces of Fiorito granite that have been made into a kitchen countertop and a high bar. The piece has been cut to minimize seams, to minimize where the speckles in the Fiorito granite need to match up for the angles […]

Crema Bordeaux Granite Kitchen in Austin, Texas

crema bordeaux granite kitchen countertops austin

Got Oak Cabinets? The oak cabinets in this South Austin kitchen look great with the Crema Bordeaux granite on the countertops. Crema Bordeaux has a lot of color variation: cream, gold, brown, coral and salmon. It looks great with a warm color palette like this one, with the warm tones on the cabinets and the […]

Austin Granite Yard Tours: Shenoy on 183 – The Granite Biz Series

Marble slabs Shenoy Granite and Marble Austin TX

Want A Big Stone Selection? Add Shenoy Granites and Marble (SGM) to your list when you go look at granite slabs. If you remember from another recent article, Toluca Granite (that’s us) is a granite fabricator. We turn stone into custom counters, including the marble or granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. We are […]

Corner Sinks and Granite Countertops

Granite counter with a corner sink

Do We Cut Corners? Well, how nice of you to ask! We come across a lot of kitchens with sinks in the corners, usually on an angled cabinet. The granite countertops for these kitchens is trickier than those where the sink is along a straight run of countertop. Sometimes we can cut the entire corner […]

Golden Bordeaux Granite in Austin Texas

golden bordeaux granite bathroom vanity steiner ranch tx

Ah, Yes, Another Bordeaux Granite. Today I did a happy dance, then held my camera up high and tried to stop wiggling for long enough to get a clear shot. The object of my affection? A piece of Golden Bordeaux granite destined for a bathroom countertop. This is going on a zig-zaggy cabinet, a custom […]

Granite Can Go Around Corners!


Got a Wall or Post in Your Kitchen That Just Won’t Go Away? Sometimes a wall just has to stay – you know, the pesky load-bearing kind that your contractor says he or she can’t move. When that happens, your granite countertops can usually be cut to fit around the wall. Here is one quick […]

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Who We Are We are a small, family-owned granite fabricator located off of North Lamar in Austin, Texas. We’ve been in the custom countertop business in Austin since 2006. Despite being small – Toluca Granite is a full-service Austin granite company. We also make counters and tables in marble and from all of the major brands […]