Santa Cecilia Granite Remnant For Sale in Austin, Texas


Santa Cecilia Goes With Everything The base color in Santa Cecilia granite is usually a pale cream, sometimes lighter, sometimes a little darker, sometimes with a little more gold. With brown, gold and red speckles, it is a traditional favorite for granite kitchen countertops and for granite bathroom vanity tops. It goes with almost any […]

Crema Marfil Marble – An Elegant Marble Remnant for a Table Top

Crema Marfil Marble Remnant in Austin Texas

Need to Jazz Up an Old Table? SOLD! This marble remnant is too small for most bathroom vanities. At 22-inches wide and 34-inches long, it’s just the right size for a small table top, or perhaps to top the file cabinet in your office. Crema Marfil marble is a pale cream color, with subtle viening […]

Austin Granite Tales: The Day the Big Saw Died

Granite Saw Industrial Art

What would you do if the number one tool you need for your job bit the dust? Which begs the question: what did WE do when that happened last week? We have a big saw, a really big saw. A saw big enough to cut a slab of stone that is over 10 feet long. […]

Madera Gold Granite – Some Remnant Granite Needs a Home in Austin, Texas


SOLD! Madera Gold – Deep Coloration Deep, dark colors of rust, gold, orange with cream, red and charcoal flecks cover the polished surface of this remnant of Madera Gold Granite. It is the last piece from a big kitchen job, dragged to the front of our shop yesterday afternoon for your viewing pleasure. Although this […]

Black Pearl Granite Remnant For Sale in Austin Texas


Black Pearl – Goes With Everything Trying to photograph this granite remnant was a joke. This material is so dark and so reflective, photographing it is next to impossible, even on an overcast day. When I chimped at the camera (snuck a peek at the post-shot data and thumbnail), I could see that taking another […]

Kashmir White Granite Remnant – A Small Granite Remnant in Austin, Texas


SOLD! White Granite is Hard to Find We see all sorts of granite come through our shop – lots of bold, gold, black, brown. What we don’t see is a lot of white, or almost-white granites. When we do have light-colored granite remnants, they sell out fast. Which means we were suprised to un-earth this […]

Copper Canyon Granite – a Granite Remnant for Your Bathroom Vanity


Copper Canyon Granite – Go Bold or Go Home With glorious rusty areas running across the front, Copper Canyon is not for the faint of heart or style. This granite screams “Texas!” and has style for miles. This looks fantastic in a kitchen, or a big master bathroom, but this granite remnant is just the […]

Lady Dream Granite Remnant for Sale in Austin, Texas


An Unusual Green Granite SOLD! Lady Dream, or Ladies Dream Granite is a most unusually-colored granite. With green, coral and white running across the polished face, this granite is eye-catching as a table or in a bathroom. If you’ve read a few pages on our site, you know we’ve been very busy this fall, and […]

Emperador Dark Marble – A Remnant For Your Powder Room Vanity

Emperador Dark Marble Remnant in Austin Texas

Emperador Dark Marble Adds Instant Value to Your Home SOLD!! Is your powder room vanity is looking a little bit sorry? A little bit dated, or tired, or just plain old? If you think you can’t afford a high-end marble vanity top, think again. We spent a few hours this afternoon pulling some hidden gems […]

The Granite Kitchen Island – Laminated-Edges For High-End Kitchens


We don’t use the word “laminate” in our shop Unless we’re talking about laminated edges for kitchen islands. Set aside your notions of “laminated” for a minute and bear with us while we talk about this. Laminated edges are frequently used to make cheaper granite edge profiles look more expensive. You’ve seen this – thin […]

Suede Brown Granite Round Table Top – a Traditional Favorite


We Fabricate and Install Big Kitchens And small kitchens, and big bathrooms, and small bathrooms. And anything else that can be made from granite – even signs, benches, windowsills, cheese boards and lazy susans. We keep the leftovers – the granite remnants – to use for other spaces. And sometimes we cut them up just […]

Volga Blue Granite Table Top – A Round Gem For Your Austin Home


SOLD! Volga Blue – A Chameleon With Style Volga Blue Granite is one of the most-searched terms on our site, and for good reason. This granite is gorgeous – large flecks of blue, silver, charcoal and black that change with the angle of the light. It is one of those that is hard to get […]

Wild West Granite Lazy Susan

Wild West Granite Detailed Image

Green Granite – Wild West SOLD! We have had one, and only one, kitchen project that used Wild West Granite in the last few years. This granite is uncommon in coloration, with dark green viens running across a lighter green field that is flecked with red, coral and grey. So when we found this one […]

Small Round Santa Cecilia Granite Table Top


Santa Cecilia Granite Can Go Casual or Upscale on a Table The most popular type of granite we install in kitchens and bathrooms in Austin Texas is Santa Cecilia Granite. This granite has an ivory-to-gold base with flecks of gold and brown. Smaller red flecks are scattered across the base of this granite. This material […]

Little Crema Bordeaux Granite Cheese Board


Tired of the Same Old Cheese Boards? We know we are. When that happens, we cut some new ones. We troll the pile of granite remnants in the back of our workshop looking for pretty bits of stone to turn into one-of-a-kind cheese boards (or tabletops, or sushi boards . . . or or or). […]