Granite Countertops Austin TX

Toluca Granite is a family-owned Austin granite countertops company located off of North Lamar in Austin, Texas. We work with all of the major stone yards in Austin to give you the biggest selection of granite, marble and quartz for custom kitchen countertops, and for custom bathroom vanity tops.

We also make custom counters for outdoor kitchens, tabletops and bartops. If you are a homeowner, business owner, designer or general contractor, we will work with you to create beautiful marble, quartz or granite countertops for your project. We have granite remnants for small projects!

How to Order Your Granite Countertops from Toluca Granite in Austin TX

  • Call (512) 317-6722 to discuss your project.
  • We'll come out and measure (for free), or we can use your diagrams for an initial estimate.
  • Next, you will visit one or more stone yards in Austin to look at granite, marble or quartz.
  • We will work with you to find the best match for your layout, your budget and your design.
  • Your estimate will be finalized using the material you personally select.
  • Your new custom counters will be installed about a week after you finalize your stone selection.

Recent Granite Countertops – Austin TX

Particleboard subtop on old cabinets.

Old Kitchen Cabinets Get New Granite Counters

Got Old Kitchen Cabinets? If you live in the city of Austin proper, you probably do. Lots and lots of the housing stock was built in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. And lots of others were built way before that, like the older house in the photos here. This house in North East Austin is [...]

Spotlight on Granite Colors – Granite Countertops Austin TX

L-Shaped Corner in Peacock Green Granite

Peacock Green Granite Kitchen | Round Rock Texas

Peacock Green Granite Tops New Kitchen Cabinets in Round Rock, Texas. Are you considering updating a home with older cabinets and laminate countertops? This home was a foreclosure in Round Rock, and was purchased as an investment property. The … [Read More...]

Copper Canyon Rustic Granite Detail

Copper Canyon Rustic Granite

Love The Rusty Coppery Colors in Copper Canyon Granite? You're in luck because Copper Canyon comes in several variations, and one of them might just be the winner for your new kitchen counters. Check out this slab of Copper Canyon Rustic we found … [Read More...]

Inside Corner Half Bullnose on Cabernet Bordeaux Granite

Cabernet Bordeaux Granite for a Condo Kitchen

An Austin Condo Kitchen gets Cabernet Bordeaux Granite. Think Austin condo living means giving up some of the nicer details like granite kitchen counters? Not for the new owners of several condos at the Towers of Town Lake, a high rise development … [Read More...]

Full bullnose edge on Giallo Napoleon granite

Giallo Napoleon Granite with Full Bullnose Edge

Do you like Giallo Napoleon Granite? The colors on this super-pretty set of Giallo Napoleon granite slabs have given the camera all sorts of grief this week. This set of photos shows close-to-true for the colors in this stone. The coloring is . . … [Read More...]

More Austin Granite Countertops Colors in the Spotlight

What You Need to Know: Getting Ready for Granite

Making Templates for a Granite Laundry Room Counter

Granite Templates: Making Patterns for a Perfect Fit

Got Wonky Walls?You're not alone. Most homes are a little (or a lot) out of square on the inside walls. What this means is that if you put a perfect square into a corner, like the corner where a countertop goes, it's not going to fit … [Read More...]

Makeshift kitchen with countertop appliances

Makeshift Kitchen For Your Kitchen Remodel: Getting Ready for Granite

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Some kitchen remodels are small. Some kitchen remodels are big. What is yours? Kitchen remodels, from easiest to hardest: Replacing the old kitchen countertops with granite or quartz Re-arranging a few cabinets (or … [Read More...]

matching slide-in range height to granite counters

Granite Countertop Height for Slide-in Range: Getting Ready for Granite

Want Your Slide-in Range to Fit with Your Granite Counters? We do, too! Here is how to make sure your slide-in range fits: Get your hands on the installation manual, and make sure the counters will end up at the same height as the slide-in … [Read More...]

Curved apron-front undermount sink in a granite kitchen countertop

Undermount Sinks in Granite Countertops

Confused by the Term "Undermount Sinks"? Here are some examples of undermount sinks installed under granite counters. You can see that the opening must be perfectly cut for the size and shape of the sink. Also, the edge is polished, just like … [Read More...]

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